Local SEO is About Your Website (and More)

Many parts make up modern and local SEO – Search Engine Optimization. What does it take to optimize your business website for both your customers and for search engines?

SEO nowadays has evolved to something that’s more than just optimizing your website. Your other online properties contribute to the larger picture that is your local SEO.

Google and Facebook

Right now, Google and Facebook dominate consumers’ online time. An online consumer’s journey usually starts by them typing a product on Google, or seeing an advertisement on Facebook. Here’s how to take advantage of these two big online platforms:

  • Create your Google My Business (GMB) and Facebook Page. Creating these pages allow your business to earn legitimacy.
  • Make sure these pages are complete, accurate, and always up-to-date. Especially in today’s online world where everyone expects everything lightning fast, it is crucial for your business online listing to be always accurate, and there will be no information mismatch. Imagine if your business listing on Google or Facebook have an outdated phone number or email address – that is a lost opportunity for your business.

Other Online Business Listings

Once you create your pages for the “Big Two” (Facebook and Google), you also want to take advantage of other online listings where your business should show up:

  • Map and GPS services like Google Maps and Apple Maps
  • Online yellow page directories
  • Business review apps like Yelp

Again, correct and up-to-date business information in these platforms are important, so remember to regularly check them out and update your business information as necessary.

Your Online Reputation

Just like in the offline world, word of mouth is a very important marketing tool in the online world. Asking your current customers to review your business online is one of the best forms of digital marketing. And if your business is present in social media like Facebook or Twitter, it’s easier for them to simply post their reviews on these platforms. Once they’ve given you great reviews, you will want to highlight it on your website.

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Do Everything To Be Seen Online

Local SEO is not just setting up your website – it is a holistic approach of your business to be seen online. It is a collection of tactics and strategies so that more people encounter your business online. The list of things you need to do for SEO constantly changes, because the digital world always changes, and customer behaviors also constantly changes. It’s important to be updated with the latest technology trends in order for you to keep up with the ever-evolving practice of SEO.

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