Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer: Old VS. New Side-By-Side Comparison

A refreshed Sonic The Hedgehog trailer has just been released, with completely redesigned character model for Sonic.

When the first trailer was launched, feedback from fans were negative, saying that Hedgehog looked creepy and nightmare-ish. It seems Paramount Pictures listened to the demand of Sonic fans to re-design the title character of the upcoming film.

In the old trailer, we can see that the old Sonic was skinny, the fur more frizzy, the eyes, mouth, and ears looked smaller. It seemed the character designers were aiming for a more humanoid form of character design. In the new trailer, they made Sonic’s character more closer to the video game model, with a more cartoony look. Hence, chubbier cheeks, rounder facial shape, and large expressive eyes that brought more emotion compared to the old version.

Both the old trailer and the new trailer had a car scene, but it’s noticeable that James Marsden, Sonic’s sidekick in the film, is wearing different clothes. It might be because these are two different scenes, but it’s more likely that they actually re-shot some of the film’s scenes for the new Sonic character model animation.

Paramount Pictures even took the time to re-animate Sonic’s speedrun scenes, which they might have gotten away with, since in these scenes, Sonic would look blurry. But, they did re-animate them anyway. Kudos to Paramount Pictures and their team.

Watch the old versus the new trailers below, and compare them yourself:

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