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Look: “More Fun In The Philippines” Jeepney-Inspired Font

The Department of Tourism recently relaunched its “More Fun in the Philippines” campaign last February 8, and a huge part of the relaunch is a brand new font called “Barabara”, a typeface that largely takes inspiration from the local jeepney’s signages. Global advertising agency BBDO helped with the DOT’s campaign relaunch. The challenge was to […]

Woocommerce Vs. Shopify

Which Ecommerce Platform Should A Web Designer Choose, And Why?

by Kayleigh Alexandra of We live in a time of professional flexibility being more important than experience or even expertise. It’s all about adapting to fresh challenges — being comfortable trying new things, and being willing to completely overhaul your approach if you realise that you’re not currently achieving all you want to achieve. […]

230 Approved New Emojis Are Coming

The Unicode Consortium has now approved 230 new emojis, and will be coming to major platforms such as iOS and Android this year. New emojis include previously considered emoji candidates, such as “Flamingo”, “Otter”, and “Guide Dog”, as well as “Waffle”, “Sari”, “Hindu Temple”, and “Sloth”. 2019 also marks the year when emojis would expand […]

How To Future-Proof Your Small Business

Businesses of today differ from even just 10 years ago. People nowadays are more confident in trusting online businesses, especially in the advent of Lazada, Shopee, HonestBee, and even Facebook Marketplace; apps and services that heavily rely on the web. As a small business owner, how do you compete? How do you know that the […]

Social media checklist for digital marketing in Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

Things You Should Do in Digital Marketing

Where do you stand when it comes to social media marketing? Social media is undeniably becoming an important part of marketing for small businesses, especially now that we’re on the internet age. In fact, a recent report states that 70% of business-to-consumer marketers have acquired a customer through Facebook. If you have social media accounts for your […]

Top Business Website Mistakes

Top Business Website Mistakes While Designing

by Guest Contributor, John Johnson of Approveme Website owners need to have basic knowledge about the designing and developing part of a website. We understand that it’s a technical filed as far as business is concerned however having basic knowledge is surely going to help and go a long way. Same ways a designer, developer […]

Fix Empty Social Media for your Business

Fix Your Business’ Empty Social Media

So you’ve set up social media pages in the hopes of increasing traffic for your business, but you’ve neglected them years ago. That Facebook page has only one or two posts, and it doesn’t even have a cover photo. The Twitter page? Only a few tweets. It’s no secret, your social media accounts need content, in order […]

Filipina Artist’s Work Featured on Starbucks Christmas Cups

This year, the red Starbucks holiday cups are being released, featuring the works of the customers; one of which belongs to a Filipina artist named Anz Soza. Her design will be one of the 13 chosen to be printed on Starbucks’ holiday cups.