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4 Reasons Why Your Website Should Be Mobile-friendly

“Does my website need to be mobile-friendly?” As a business owner who has a website, you might have asked yourself this question recenlty. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are fast becoming the preferred method of Internet access; if your website is not viewable on smartphones, or has no dedicated mobile version, you need to fix it soon.

Subway Updates Their Logo for 2017

The international sandwich chain, Subway, has updated their logo. This might be a much-needed brand-new look for the company, since their logotype has not been touched for 15 years. Also being updated is their menu, which will include new items under the premium category.

Celeste Graphics Launches a Blog

Hello there, and welcome to the Celeste Graphics Blog. “Why a blog?” – you might be asking – and that’s a great question. The answer to that is, this blog is intended to be filled up with useful information which can help you as a business owner to maneuver yourself to success in today’s digital […]