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Subway Updates Their Logo for 2017

The international sandwich chain, Subway, has updated their logo. This might be a much-needed brand-new look for the company, since their logotype has not been touched for 15 years. Also being updated is their menu, which will include new items under the premium category.

The brand’s new design was first revealed in two Subway spots, in this year’s Rio Olympics opening ceremony – a great marketing strategy, since Olympics is one of the most anticipated events in the year 2016, attracting millions of viewers worldwide.

Subway's new monogram logo for 2017

Subway also made a new “S” monogram matching their logotype, which will probably be used for their display picture on their social media outlets.

The new Subway logo, together with the new menu items, will be applied to their restaurants all over the world from 2017 onwards.

This new design keeps the trademark arrows in the “S” and “Y” of the logotype, and incorporates the “cyclic” shape which works well with the rest of their branding elements. They have also created a monogram “S”, which features the two arrows pointing on opposite directions. The monogram will likely be used as the company’s display picture on their social media outlets.

The new design follows the “flat design” trend that is often seen on contemporary brands, such as when Google made the jump to redesign their logo in order for their brand designs to work well in all channels.

Check out Subway’s official website.

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