Microsoft Surface Studio is Made For Designers

Microsoft recently announced their latest device from their Surface line, the Surface Studio. It’s an all-in-one touchscreen and pen-capable desktop all-in-one. With features and design traits that make creating digital artwork easier, the Studio is obviously aimed towards those in the creative industry.

Not Just Another iMac Clone

The Surface Studio has an incredibly stunning thin and vibrant 28-inch LCD panel, a “zero-gravity” hinge that lets you adjust the position of the monitor from a standard desktop position to a “drawing surface” position with just one finger, and a base that houses the components need to run the whole computer.

Not For Ordinary Users

But more than just a gorgeous computer with a premium industrial design, the Studio also works with the Surface Pen and the new Surface Dial, a puck-like device that can be rotated to give an additional contextually-aware control. You can even place the Dial onto the screen itself to provide additional contextual menu that lets you select various options depending on the current app being used.

One thought on “Microsoft Surface Studio is Made For Designers

  1. I think Surface Studio’s design will pioneer the new category on desktop pc market. I actually am more amazed with this Surface Studio than iMac, especially with its Surface Dial. I heard there’s this similar desktop like Surface Studio. It’s made by Dell called Dell Canvas. It even has its own Surface Dial called “Totem”.

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