When Do You Need To Redesign Your Website?

Technology is ever-changing, and so is the world wide web. With so many competitors, how does your business website stand out? Is it fine as it is, or does it need a design refresh?

It’s understandable why redesigning your website can be a daunting task. It takes commitment in both time and money. But here are a few compelling reasons on why you should have your website redesigned:

It was built years ago

Best practices in website design constantly change. If your website was built years ago, chances are, it’s not on par with the current website trends and practices of the current age. If your goal is to have your business stand out among the fierce competition, especially in the digital age, then your goal should also be to have an up-to-date website.

There are fewer and fewer visitors

If your website is getting fewer traffic, then having your website redesigned might be the solution. You can take advantage of rebooting your website’s user experience by addressing the current issues your website has, and improving upon them.

It doesn’t work on mobile

Yikes! Your website doesn’t work on smartphones? This is a huge strike.

More than 80% of casual web users are now using mobile devices to visit websites. If anything, your website should be designed with “mobile-first” on mind.

By the way, just because your website loads on a smartphone, doesn’t mean it’s already mobile-friendly. There are things you should check: are the buttons big enough for a touch device interface? Are the font sizes not too big or not to small, but just the right size for readability?

Having your website redesigned can address these issues.

You’re business goals have changed

Maybe your business strategy has changed. Or perhaps you have a new list of products or services. If so, then it should also follow that you should update your business website, and synchronize it with your business plan.


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