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Local SEO is About Your Website (and More)

Many parts make up modern and local SEO – Search Engine Optimization. What does it take to optimize your business website for both your customers and for search engines? SEO nowadays has evolved to something that’s more than just optimizing your website. Your other online properties contribute to the larger picture that is your local […]

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Look: “More Fun In The Philippines” Jeepney-Inspired Font

The Department of Tourism recently relaunched its “More Fun in the Philippines” campaign last February 8, and a huge part of the relaunch is a brand new font called “Barabara”, a typeface that largely takes inspiration from the local jeepney’s signages. Global advertising agency BBDO helped with the DOT’s campaign relaunch. The challenge was to […]

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Filipina Artist’s Work Featured on Starbucks Christmas Cups

This year, the red Starbucks holiday cups are being released, featuring the works of the customers; one of which belongs to a Filipina artist named Anz Soza. Her design will be one of the 13 chosen to be printed on Starbucks’ holiday cups. Last year’s Christmas season, Starbucks released their holiday cup design: plain flat red […]

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