Updating Your Business Website During Crisis

During uncertain times, such as natural disasters or bad weather, small business owners need to react and adjust quickly to update their loyal customers and potential clients how they will operate.

Updating your website, assuming you own one for your business, is a really useful way to do so, since your website serves as the hub of information about your business.

Here are some ideas on how to update your website during times of crisis.

Add an announcement banner

Adding a banner at the top of your website can be a quick and sure way to inform your website visitors what the update is about your business operation. Your banner can include your updated operating hours, updated contact information, or any other general information you want to share.

Design-wise, your banner should be noticeable at first glance, but we recommend that it should also be unintrusive to your website navigation, and should be dismissible so it gets out of the way once your website visitor reads the alert.

Set up virtual appointment request forms for potential clients

Setting up contact forms for your website visitors to request for a virtual appointment might be a good idea, especially nowadays where more people are warming up to the idea. This is especially useful during a crisis, where in-person meet-ups might not always be suitable in the current situation.

Your virtual contact form can include fields where your visitor can put their phone number or email, and their preferred time and day of when you can call them.

Set up online payment options for contactless payments

Again, in-person meet-ups might not always be suitable depending on the crisis situation, so setting up online payment gateways for your business on your website can be especially useful. And it’s easier now more than ever, with tons of competing online payment gateways such as PayPal, G-Cash, and PayMaya.

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