How Your Small Business Should Communicate During Crisis

No matter where you are what regulations you have in your local area, the current global crisis is surely having an impact on your small business. That’s why it is important now more than ever to have a clear communication with your existing customers and potential clients what the current situation is and how your business will move forward.

Communicate Your Current Business Status

Potential clients and existing customers may be visiting your social media and website to view your updates, so make sure to keep these channels updated. Make sure to update your business hours and contact details reflecting the current situation of your business.

It is important to address the following:

  • Will your business still operate, or will you be temporarily closed during the crisis?
  • Will your physical store still be open, or will you only do pickup, delivery, home service, etc?
  • What will be the safety protocols of your business in the current crisis?

Remember that honesty is less frustrating than silence, so if your business is negatively affected by the crisis, it’s better to communicate the situation with your customers rather than to keep quiet. Otherwise, clients will lose confidence on your business and look elsewhere in frustration.

Revamp Your Online Visibility

It is important for you to revamp the online visibility of your business such as your social media and website, especially in the time of crisis where it might be the only way your customers and potential clients can view your business.

Review and assess all your social media and website: is the information listed complete and correct, and still apply even during the crisis? Will the visitor know immediately what you are selling, or is it too vague? Is the look and feel of your social media and website appealing to look at, or maybe it’s too outdated, and it’s time to do a design refresh?

Being more active also helps. Post regular updates about your business and let your customers and visitors know how your business is moving forward despite the crisis.

Be Sensitive

Remember that while you are marketing your business during a crisis, don’t forget that the people surrounding you are going through a difficult time as well. When posting social media updates, be cautious about the words and phrases you are about to use, and don’t make it sound like you are trying to take advantage of the crisis.

Also remember that communication is two-way. Always reply to your customer’s messages, emails, and even comments. Always let your clients know that you are willing to improve your business in order to meet their needs, even during a time of crisis.

Get The Help You Need

While upgrading and maintaining your online channels during a crisis is very important, it can be overwhelming as well. It might be better for you to get the help you need.

Perhaps it’s time to hire a professional graphic designer and web developer to help revamp the online visibility of your business.

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