How To Choose The Best Font For Your T-Shirt Design

If you are running a T-shirt brand, you should be cautious about the font that you will use. The font written on it represents your brand, and if done effectively, it can create a high image of your company. Your T-shirt should be able to communicate well so that people perceive the right message.

To make it ideal and leading, you should consider a lot of things that I am going to discuss in this article. Being a graphic designer, you must know not every font goes best with all designs. It takes deep concentration and knowledge to understand which font should be used.

Importance of Fonts

Fonts or Typography plays a crucial role in the success and failure of your website or brand. A small difference in fonts can create a big difference that might cost you later. Hence, a professional graphic designer never takes the importance of fonts for granted.

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, recognized the importance of fonts, and today he is the leading founder. Let’s proceed further and discuss a way to choose Best T-Shirt Font for Your next design. By the end of this article, I will make sure to let you understand which fonts you should consider if you have a T-shirt brand.

How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Font for Your Next Design?

Choosing a proper font is no less than art because it makes your design catchy, beautiful, and impressive. It let people perceive your message that you want to convey, and you better understand about their brand or company. Various fonts are available from which you can make a selection, but following some suggestions can help you reach the best typeface that will significantly impact your brand.

Font Types

If you are a professional designer, you might be aware of the typeface/fonts used in T-shirt designs, but if you are new in this field, let me guide you with a few fonts that will go best with customized T-shirts. The gotham font free is one of the highly popular fonts that originated in the 2000s, and since then, various variations have been made to make it more effective. Moreover, it was once used in Obama’s speech campaign that enhanced its popularity.

The two standard fonts Serif and San-serif are widely used by the designers. Various classifications of these fonts are originated, incorporating Helvetica, Avant-Garde, Arial, Roman, Courier, New Century Schoolbook, and many more, are utilized for different purposes. You can select any of the Serif and Sans-serif fonts according to the requirement.

However, always remember that every shirt is created for various purposes, so the font should convey the actual meaning of a particular shirt. For instance, for Hiking or world exploring, exclusive T-shirts are designed for which unique fonts are used, so one should pay particular consideration to such factors. While keeping such factors in mind, you can get your hands on the right font easily.

Important Things to Consider!

When you realize the main text style types and what they’re useful for, picking one for your design will be more straightforward. To get your hands on the best one, one should ask a few questions that will help them reach the best font style. Let’s discuss those questions in detail.

For Whom Am I Designing It?

It is one of the critical questions that will help you choose the right font for a particular brand. Even when you design customized T-shirts for a specific brand, you should ask this question to yourself. In case if you are creating for a tech organization, chances are you’ll need to utilize a pleasant, clean Sans Serif textual style.

Or on the other hand, if you are working for a clothing brand, you might need to avoid wavy or bubbly content textual styles, and settle on something more robust. Moreover, it is essential to understand what the brand want. It is the easiest way to reach the perfect font.

What Message I Want to Convey

It is one of the essential questions that every professional graphic designer keeps in mind before choosing any font. Every font conveys different moods and messages that make it easy for people to understand your product is all about. Choosing the wrong font can convey a false image that can spoil your brand’s reputation.

Hence even you find this question silly, yet go for it and do a detailed analysis of different fonts. Once you are sure about a particular font, go for it. It is how your professionalism will reflect from your work. Once you are sure about this question, proceed to the last one.

What Matters More?

It is a significant question, as it ought to affect the visual components of your structure. If you want to convey a particular message through your product, then you should go for that font that is easy to read and understand.

Notwithstanding, on the off chance, if the font structure is more critical than words, go for such fonts that are eye-catchy, decorative, and attractive. You can find a variety of such fonts easily. It will make things easy and simple, and you can better decide which font will be best for customized shirts.

Hence these 3 critical questions have of considerable significance to choose the effective and the right font. Don’t take them for granted.


Making customized T-shirts is not an easy and straightforward task. You have to look for every detail to get your hands on the right one finally. If you want to be a professional designer, you should know which font will go best because each font is not for every purpose.

I have mentioned a few pre-eminent fonts for the customized T-shirts that you might consider in the future. Moreover, always go for that want that lets people understand your logo and message that you want to convey them. Never underestimate the importance of fonts because they play a huge role in your brand’s success and failure. I hope you will find this article helpful and informative.

About the author: Sofia David is a professional graphic designer and providing graphic design services from last couple of years. After graduating from JNL Graphic Design, she has become one of the top freelancer and has already served around 1000+ clients till now. She is Passionate about developing, creating and sharing creative skills and guides with everyone out there. Her aim is to introduce everyone about graphic design world and guide them to polish their skills and take them to next level.

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