Hiring a Web Designer vs. Doing It Yourself

Creating a website for your business is one of the best ways to market your business online, but the challenging part is making a GOOD website. In order to build a successful website, you need all the right skills that should work together: writing content, coding pages, building navigation, and enhancing your site’s SEO. Not to mention, your website needs to have an excellent and eye-catching design.

That’s why many business owners, rather than building their website on their own using Do-It-Yourself (DIY) web-building tools, decide to outsource the daunting web-building task by hiring a professional web designer to worry about all of these components.

Your website should impress and engage

While building your website, you should keep in mind that its design should fit your brand. Your website should make a great first impression. Your web pages should be consistent, and should provide an easy-to-use engaging experience for your visitors.

Hiring a professional web designer is a great idea if you want someone to work with you to understand every aspect of your business — what services and products you provide, who your business market is, and what makes you stand out among the competition. Your web designer will work with you, so that both you and your customers are satisfied with your website experience.

Your website should win new customers

You’ve probably heard of the popular saying: “content is king.” This is especially true when speaking about online content, and your website is no exception. Your website should be cleverly worded while telling your visitors who you are, what your business is, what it does, and how to get in touch with you. Another key aspect when writing your website is to tell your visitors what sets you apart from the rest of the competition.

Hiring a professional web designer can help you in designing and writing your website so that it delivers your business’ message in a compelling, concise way that allows your customers to connect with you.

Hiring a professional web designer is a great idea if you want someone to work with you to understand every aspect of your business.

Your website should be smartphone-ready

It’s the smartphone era, and people are spending more time on their phones than their desktops when browsing the internet. It pays to have your website “mobile-friendly,” and most professional web designers know how to build your website so that it works for every visitor using any device, which is why this feature is called being “responsive.”

If you have no idea how to build a responsive website, then your DIY website might not be reaching as wide of an audience as you expect it to.

Your website should be easy to find

Most DIY website builders neglect setting up the website’s unique content, meta data, and other proper coding for it to have a high ranking on search engines.

Professional web designers can set these things up for you, since they know how to build a website that’s search engine optimized, or a site that is built to be more relevant and readable to search engines. SEO is important if you want your customers to find you and your website.

Worry about your business, not your website

As a small business owner, time is the most valuable thing you have. Running your business is a full-time job that needs focus, and that can be challenging if you’re always building, updating, and sometimes troubleshooting your DIY website.

Not to mention, learning how to build a DIY website can be time-consuming process. You can choose to worry about building your website from the ground up, its search engine optimization, and how it looks on desktop as well as on smartphones and tablets. Or, you can choose to hire a professional to worry about those things for you.

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