Fix Your Business’ Empty Social Media

So you’ve set up social media pages in the hopes of increasing traffic for your business, but you’ve neglected them years ago. That Facebook page has only one or two posts, and it doesn’t even have a cover photo. The Twitter page? Only a few tweets.

It’s no secret, your social media accounts need content, in order for them to engage more people, and in turn, encourage more customers for your business. Now, you’ve decided to make more commitment in maintaining your social media. Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Here are a few steps for you to fix your empty social media pages.

Check Who Has Access to Your Accounts

Try logging in to all of your accounts, and update your password if necessary. Also assess who has access to your accounts, or who has “admin access” to them, and remove anyone who should no longer have those permissions.

Update Your Pages

First things first – update your profile and cover photos. Make sure to use high quality images, and even make sure that you use the recommended sizes. If you’re using your business logo for your profile pic, make sure that it is readable even if small. If not, then maybe you can opt for an “icon” version of your logo that will fit in a square dimension.

Also, don’t forget to go over all the information that should appear on your social media page, such as your phone number, website, email address, location, and other important details. Make sure that everything is up-t0-date.

Skip the “We’re Back” Post

Don’t post something that will bring attention to the fact that you have lapsed on updating your social media accounts. Chances are, your followers never even noticed that you were gone.

Instead, get started on posting engaging content on your social media pages.

Make a Plan, and Stick to It

Don’t back out. Set up a realistic schedule you can follow for posting content for your social media. Try committing to posting every 3 days, or every week. Even make a calendar and plan out on what to post. For more info visit

If you think you still can’t manage to update your social media accounts on a regular basis, then maybe it’s time to consider hiring someone to do it for you.

Spread The Word

Now that you’re back on your feet, perhaps you’ve lost a large number of your previous audience during the time you were gone.

Consider promoting your social media using paid advertisements. Social media advertising is a lot more affordable than you think. Promoting your accounts will help you regrow your audience in no time.

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