5 Things You Should Know About Launching Your Business Online

Before the internet age, when launching and marketing your business, all you need to do was get an office, print some business cards and flyers, and perhaps post a few adverts to spread the word. Now, in the smartphone age, it is important to successfully launch your business ONLINE. After all, almost everybody nowadays use their computers, phones, and tablets, when searching for businesses.

Here are 5 useful tips when launching a business online:

  1. Register for a domain – Your domain name is your address online. Remember to keep your domain name simple, and as close to your business name as possible. People tend to type “www.businessname.com” when they are searching for you. Don’t try to be tricky when coming up with your domain name.
  2. Set up an effective website – With tons of Do-It-Yourself Website options out there, this should be easy, right? Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. DIY websites often look like they were build by someone who doesn’t know much about building a website. And it’s not only about the looks; DIY websites often overlook SEO and other behind-the-scenes stuff. If you want a website that will make you look like a professional, you should hire a professional to build your website for you.
  3. Launch your Social Media Pages – Just as important as launching your website is launching your social media pages. Remember that your social media presence is just as important, as tools like Twitter and Facebook gives you more places to be found, and provides you a quick way to connect directly with your prospects and existing customers.
  4. Get listed on business pages – If you want your business to be known as a well-established one, you should be found all over the web, and not just on your website. Business listings, such as Google My Business and Bing for Business pages carry a lot of weight with search engines. These tools help you get found easier online.
  5. Promote yourself – Promoting your business offline should be familiar – be sure to put your website’s address on your signage, business cards, stationary, and flyer. Also put your website on your email signature. When promoting your business online, consider a Search Marketing and/or a Display Advertising campaign to further announce yourself online, and to people who might be searching for you.

Of course, there is a lot more to launching your business than these five steps, but if you start with these tips, you are on your way to establishing your new business or startup online.

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