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Rio 2016 Olympics Launches Sports Pictograms

Olympics and Paralympics has a rich tradition of making pictograms for their sporting events, and Rio 2016 is no exception. The tradition started back in 1964, during Tokyo Olympics, where each edition of the games has depicted sports on its program through iconic graphic symbols that reflect the culture of the host nation.

Subway Updates Their Logo for 2017

The international sandwich chain, Subway, has updated their logo. This might be a much-needed brand-new look for the company, since their logotype has not been touched for 15 years. Also being updated is their menu, which will include new items under the premium category.

Why Your Small Business Needs a Website

Websites aren’t dead. Sure, you can just create a Facebook page for your website, right? This is actually a fairly common misconception among Filipino business owners, since they don’t want to spend a buck on creating a dot-com website for their business, when in fact, they are missing a huge opportunity to convert prospects into […]

5 Things You Should Know About Launching Your Business Online

Before the internet age, when launching and marketing your business, all you need to do was get an office, print some business cards and flyers, and perhaps post a few adverts to spread the word. Now, in the smartphone age, it is important to successfully launch your business ONLINE. After all, almost everybody nowadays use […]

6 Tips You Need To Learn About Writing Your Website

It’s a common mistake that when writing content for the web, the writer treats their audience like they would when writing content for print ads, such as flyers or brochures. But writing for the web is a completely different game. Web copy is scanned and glanced at. Not read. Web visitors are hunting for information […]

Celeste Graphics Launches a Blog

Hello there, and welcome to the Celeste Graphics Blog. “Why a blog?” – you might be asking – and that’s a great question. The answer to that is, this blog is intended to be filled up with useful information which can help you as a business owner to maneuver yourself to success in today’s digital […]